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marți, ianuarie 03, 2012

Anna Razumovskaya paintings

Anna Razumovskaya graduated from Russian State University For Arts 
(high-class artist) in 1991. From 1992 to 1995 studied art in Germany, 
Belgium, Holland. Had personal exhibitions in St. Paul (Minnesota), 
Toronto, Amsterdam, Antwerp and Berlin. There are many of 
Anna's works in private collections in the USA, Canada, Austria, 
Holland, France and Australia.

Works in many techniques (watercolor, oil, acrylic, silk) and genres.

Presently lives and works in Toronto (Canada).

"...If an artist were asked what he was thinking of while creating 

his work, he would hardly give a reasonable answer to that question. 
This process can not be analyzed. It is like a miracle.

You are just drawing and that is all... simply not thinking of 
anything definite. The moment you start thinking... and that's it- 
unnecessary stroke, unnecessary detail. God knows how it all 
happens. Pleasure, passion, joy here are characteristics of this process."

"Quickly, easily, brightly: this is the way I draw, the same way I live. 
My art is a reflection of my life, a reflection of myself..."           

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