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vineri, octombrie 07, 2011

Janice Darr Cua

Whether exercising her powers to capture the spirit of Arabians, the romance of the Renaissance, classic sensuality of femininity, or the universal bond between mother and child, Cua delivers striking depth and passion.
Cua's talent was recognized early in youth and she began the study of oils at age eight. Commissions followed swiftly, painting murals in churches up to thirty feet in height, murals in private estates, and commercial facilities. She is primarily self taught and has intensely studied anatomy with live models for over thirty years. Cua has been moved by the Masters, and great artists Waterhouse, Carvaggio, Bernini. She has studied their work, compositions, the beauty of depth and light, the emotional magnetism; and through endless hours, years that fell into decades, has arrived with her own unique, thought-provoking style, which is undeniably recognized as her own.

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