Stay close to BEAUTY and let LOVE touch your SOUL through visual art

vineri, septembrie 02, 2011



Michael Wilkinson's art portrays all that is magnificent and beautiful in the human spirit, using the ideal to show us the possibilities in life and the potentialities within ourselves.
Born in California and trained as an architect, Michael Wilkinson started his artistic career in New York in 1979. In 1985, Wilkinson transitioned from working uniquely in bronze to working in the young medium of cast acrylic. A forerunner in the medium, Wilkinson uses acrylic to create dreamlike worlds, communicating complex themes while still incorporating realism in his art.
Unlike the traditional, these acrylic sculptures have no beginning and no end; no back and no front. They are viewed in a new way; studied and observed in their entirety from the inside and the outside. Working for nearly a decade in acrylic, Wilkinson constantly expands his talents to sculpt “light” in original ways.

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