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joi, mai 05, 2011

Yarek Godfrey

Yarek Godfrey.ow (surname pronounced God-Free oh-vay), whose art gives him the distinctive label of "stunning gothic classicism", brings to us the "larger -than-life" theatrical and mythological, almost biblical or should we dare, romantic, powerful paintings. In a mostly monochromatic palette, Godfrey places us in the front theatre seat, the very box seat of our own imagination magnified, creating timeless atmospheres, erotica, sensuality, and all through a classical architectural sphere of spatial floating wonders. Godfrey's paintings are simply breathtaking, and we become obsessed with collecting this modern day renaissance man. His exhibits, awards world wide from Krakow, Paris, Strasbourg, Monaca, Angers, Cannes, Montreal, Hanover, New York, Cleveland, Naples, Fl, and Las Vegas, as well as many commissions from famous families, give him the true credentials to be included in the giants of art world.


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