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duminică, februarie 06, 2011

Kurt Wenner -master artist and architect

Kurt Wenner is a Master Artist and Master Architect famous for inventing three-dimensional pastel drawings. Also known as: 3D Street Painting, 3D Pavement Art, 3D Chalk Art, or 3D Sidewalk Art, they are a form of anamorphic art. Anamorphism is usually considered a form of Illusion or Trompe loeil, but is really the logical mathematical continuation of Perspective.

Once known as Madonnari, Street Painters, Pavement artists, Chalk Artists, and Sidewalk Artists have designed impermanent or Ephemeral Art for centuries. Currently, Kurt Wenner is writing a Street Painting History, explaining how sidewalk art and pavement art tranermany, a Sidewalk Artist in the United States, or a Pavement Artist in Britain, but street painting and pavement art have been transformed beyond recognition. While studying classical architecture and perspective, Kurt Wenner applied the principles of classical drawing and classical design to the sidewalk, completely transforming the art form.

Masterpieces in Chalk was the National Geographic documentary that established 3D Street Painting as a new art form, but only after 15 years could other artists (with the aid of computer programs) replicate the illusions. Today, artists like Julian Beever, Manfred Stader, Edgar Muller and numerous artists create 3 Dimensional Pastel Drawings, sometimes original and often emsformed itself into a spectacular medium, popular in Advertising, Publicity and numerous Street Painting Festivals.

A Madonnaro or chalk artist in Italy may be a Strassenmaler in G

ulating Kurt Wenner early works.

In fact, 3D Pavement Artists, 3D Sidewalk Artists, and 3D Chalk artists can all trace the roots of their work back to the street art of Rome in 1982, where Kurt Wenner transformed the complex geometry of Classical Italian Architecture into a new form of Popular Art. Whether they are called Street Paintings, Chalk Paintings, Sidewalk Paintings or pavement art, if they have a three-dimensional illusion they can be traced back to Kurt Wenner pastel drawings.

In addition to creating 3D Street Painting for Publicity and Advertising, Kurt Wenner designs Villas and Residential Architecture. He also creates lavish Interior design and classically inspired Product Design.

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