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vineri, decembrie 03, 2010

Christyl Boger -discovering the ceramic surface

As an artist I have always been interested in the strange balancing act performed by the human animal; in our ongoing struggle between impulse and control, personal and communal agenda, and the desires of the animal body overlaid by a veneer of cultural constraint. Finding a physical form for these thoughts has involved two additional parameters, the first a concern for issues of representation and the second a commitment to the contemporary possibilities of clay as a medium. My intent has been to explore areas where these concerns intersect, and has involved confronting the complex historical associations of both ceramics objects and figurative sculpture.

Many elements in the
modern history of ceramics can be viewed in terms of internal and external mechanisms that structure human behavior, i.e. table manners and the ceremonies of dining, the small domestic prerogatives of women, the fetishistic nature of collecting and acquisition. For several years my most overt ceramic reference has been to the figurine, a form associated with decoration, domesticity, and display. Conflating the contemporary figure and the decorative ceramic object creates a representation of a subject directly shaped by its cultural heritage. The "figure-as-figurine" is diminished in a way that is as much psychological as physical - it's purpose is to fit in, flatter, support, and seduce.

A related reference has
been to the elaborate and ornate ware produced by the historic European ceramic factories of Sevres, Meissen, and Minton. It was an alchemist who after years of forced employment by an ambitious prince eventually unlocked the secret to formulating true porcelain in Europe.


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