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sâmbătă, octombrie 02, 2010

amazing gardens -Vigeland Sculpture Park

At the incredible Vigeland Park in Oslo Norway. Vigeland, a great sculptor, created a park unified in sculpture portraying people at all stages of life development.
Vigeland Sculpture Park is located in Oslo at about 3 kms from the northwest of the center of Oslo and is a part of the Frogner Park. Vigeland Sculpture Park covers arounc 80 acres of land features 212 bronze & granite sculptures created by Gustav Vigeland. This park is named over him and Vigeland personally sculpted every figure present in the park out of clay and individual craftsmen were contracted to fabricate the pieces into what they are today. The artworks are installed along an 850 mtrs long pavement which is furter divided into six sections:
  1. Main Gate
  2. Bridge
  3. Children’s Playground
  4. Fountain
  5. Monolith Plateau
  6. Wheel of Life
Vigeland Sculpture Park has been utilized in the Norwegian movie Elling & science fiction novel Mockymen by Ian Watson.
The statues, created by Vigeland, depict people engaged in various typically human pursuits, such as running, wrestling, dancing, hugging, holding hands and so on. However, Vigeland occasionally included some statues that are more abstract, such as the “Man attacked by Babies” statue, which shows an adult male, fighting off a horde of tiny babies.
Vigeland park is a well known picnic area, popular in the summer for sunbathing, games, and relaxation.
There is also a museum devoted to him called Vigeland Museum.

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