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sâmbătă, mai 29, 2010

mara light

"When I paint I am inspired by the presence of the model or subject whose influence transforms my environment into a deeply personal and emotional experience. The beginning of a painting is finding a person or element of nature that so inspires me. Sometimes I am moved by the combinations of form, color, and lighting, yet most of the time it is my connection to the model that keeps the painting alive for me. Once I have found my subject and the light falls in a particular way, I know I have found my inspiration to capture what I see and feel. I want the painting surface to be full of life. My process continues with a layering system that includes texture, paint, and collage to form an underlying structure to work from. These elements combine to generate the setting for the model or subject matter. I continue with repetitive layering and painting until I feel a sense of harmony is present between these physical components of the piece and the evocative aspects of the subject that I am depicting.
My painting process is also characterized by the balance between visual expression of what I see and personal influences that may be hidden within. I experience this process as a series of investigations and discoveries. This interaction between me, the subject, and all of the underlying influences is important to convey on the canvas so that my whole experience is shared with the viewer. They can then share in my journey."

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