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joi, mai 13, 2010

cherylene dyer

"The concept behind my work is to create an emotional dialogue, without relying on the narrative. To do this I have concentrated on composition, technique and lighting. I work with models from both life and photographs usually composing my work with a shallow depth of field. This instantly creates a theatrical setting. The figures become up close and personal invading the viewer's space. To further emphasise this I rely more so on body language than on facial expressions to convey my thoughts to the viewer. Voyeurism plays a huge role in my work. I want the viewer to ask what is happening in the painting. I want them to feel that they are intruding into someone's private world.

When painting I work with very thin layers of paint glazing over and over to build up the image and to deepen it, obscuring areas in darkness. As the painting progresses I work with thicker layers of paint creating dramatic contrasts in tone and texture. I think the oil painting techniques I use along with theatrical lighting and shallow depth of field adds mystery to my work. Hopefully making the viewer wonder what is happening in the painting, who the person is and should they be looking.

My inspiration is varied as I am always looking for new artists and ideas, I'm as influenced by film directors as I am by painters and I list Odd Nedrum, Rembrandt, Caravaggio, Paula Rego, Alejandro Gonzales Inarritu, David Lynch, Cronenberg as influences amongst others." Cherylene Dyer


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