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luni, mai 10, 2010

annick bouvattier

Annick Bouvattier was born in 1964 in doctors' family. Her father, art lover and collector, passes on to her from her infancy the taste of the painting. In 1982, after her high school diploma, she joins the french school of fashion " Berçot - Marie Rucki " where, during two years, she learns stylist. Her models presented in Paris and in the Villa Médicis ( Rome) know a praise from the critics with the professionals and are the object of appearances in the specialist publications. More attracted by the fashion spectacle than by that of the shops, she works then as wardrobe master for the advertisement and the cinema, notably to Cinecittà where she collaborates with big Italian art set directors. At the beginning of 1990, she decides to dedicate herself exclusively to the painting. In 1992, she becomes the pupil of Pierre Ramel, friend and follower of Mac' Avoy, who will teach him(her) the technique of the knife, today, its only working tool with oil. She paints as well miniatures in the gouache. In 1999, Annick Bouvattier realized a stained glass, a statue of Holy François d' Assise, and a Cross Bysantine for a classified chapel ancient memorial. Annick Bouvattier's personal canvases show of young ladies to them, plunged into their internal world between shadows and light.Small harmless gestures of the daily, moments without real importance, imperceptible glances, Annick Bouvattier is the painter of the silences.

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