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duminică, mai 16, 2010

anne middleton

Born in 1967, Anne Middleton grew up in an environment surrounded by art and beauty. Her childhood spent in the forests of the Dandenong Ranges, surrounded by the paintings of artist parents, Max and Elsa, has resulted in Anne’s fascination with painting natural form. Anne’s paintings display a fascination with the rigorous beauty of extreme realism.
Anne has a particular interest in the classical painting techniques of the Baroque and Renaissance periods. In 1995 she studied traditional Fresco and Egg Tempera painting techniques in Italy. Her current paintings utilize traditional oil glazing techniques, which involves the use of many layers of transparent oil paint to build incredible colour intensity and luminosity. In 2004, Anne was the first Australian to be awarded a Fellowship from the prestigious Bogliasco Foundation in Italy.
Anne is also Director of Anne Middleton Gallery. She currently works full-time in her Albert Park studio painting.


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