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duminică, aprilie 25, 2010

paul cadmus

(1904 - 1920 )

Born in the United states to artists, Cadmus dropped out of High School at the age of 15 to study art at the National Academy of Design.

1926 Graduated with honors and worked in advertising

1931 Moved to a Majorcan fishing village with his friend Jared French where his friend encouraged Cadmus to paint in the style of the old masters.

1933 Cadmus' style had evolved to a sensuous realism that was his own.

1934 Cadmus achieved national notoriety when his painting The Fleet's In!, commissioned as part of the Public Works of Art Project, was pulled from a Corcoran Gallery exhibit for allegedly "defaming" American sailors.

Cadmus memorialized the ways gay men found sex at a time when there were no gay bars or neighborhoods. His work became even more homoerotic after World War II. Much of Cadmus's later work includes thirty years of drawings and paintings of his model and lover, the cabaret singer Jon Andersson.


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