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sâmbătă, aprilie 24, 2010

bob byerley

Bob Byerley "Painter of Our American Childhood"
Bob Byerley - Close your eyes and think back to when you were eight years old. Back to a time when the windy rush of racing your bicycle down the highest hill in the neighborhood was the thrill of a lifetime, when everything was not only exciting, but also possible, when to have a story-spinning grandpa and a cool lemonade was to be marvelously happy. Now…open your eyes! The world of Bob Byerley is not his alone--we are all invited to disappear with him into that land of unfettered imagination, childhood.
The artist’s photographic memory of his boyhood adventures combines with a talent honed by a lifetime of dedication to his craft to create these charming, innocent portraits of a simpler time. Byerley also brings his mastery of the realistic still life, rendered with microscopic detail, to the current style of his mature work. The effect of this fool-the-eye realism is so convincing that the viewer is drawn in and taken hold of by irresistible urges to peel curling labels from old boxes, pull strings on marionettes, or wipe the chocolate smears from a child’s cheek. Technical mastery combined with an unlimited sense of fun—this unique combination transforms first-time viewers into lifelong Byerley fans!
Bob was born in Kansas City, Missouri in 1941. His inner yearning to paint lured him from pre-med to fine art at the University of Missouri at Columbia, where he studied the Old Masters and completed both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree. Bob then taught art for five years. The year 1970 was the beginning of his journey as a professional artist, taking him from abstract and political statements to a long careful perfection of realistic still life, and finally to his forte—realistic, nostalgic depictions of the imaginative doings of his own childhood.
Now, thirty-four years later, he is often called the Norman Rockwell of our time, favorably compared with Rembrandt and the Dutch Masters, and appreciated, highly collected, and much loved by collectors of art everywhere.


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